It always seems to be a question of time. When did that happen? How much has happened since then? When will this happen?

But when it comes to reading a python “how to”, dates and time seem like second-class citizens. In books, handling dates and times are buried in the last few chapters. It’s a brief mention like it is something you will never need. By now I am sure you have realised you do need it. Let me take you on a journey so that you can start to experience real time-freedom the python way.

Getting started right away…

A little bit of organisation goes a long way. I would like to share with you some organisational practices I have evolved that in my experience make it quicker to move from a python/boto3 prototype to a production automation tool.

To demonstrate them I am going to walk through the creation of a python class that uses the AWS Cost Explorer API via Boto3 to return the total cost of an account. Maybe this particular use case is useful to you, maybe not in any event, it provides a good way to share some effective working practices.

Prototype Using Multiple…

Stuart Heginbotham

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